Weirdest Fursona EVER!

Oi stop talking French, get yourself in discord. You don't know enough French to carry this on I know, you don't get on this cord. I, have you have s

Sand Seal Vw Beetle

I've had a bit of an annoying problem with this engine that I've never really liked. And that is the fact that it's got a non-standard size power pul


Peking Opera

Peking Opera is recognized as China's national opera based on p1 Tunes. It incorporates various Chinese opera formats, including lunch opera, ah, in


The Cpu And Von Neumann Architecture

Hey, we're, looking at my CPU in this video, just a real introduction to it from quite a basic level. So a CPU, if you don't know, it sits on for mot


Find Area Of A Square Given The Diagonal

Hi welcome to moomoomath today, we're going to look at finding the area of a square to find the area of a square. You just need to know the side beca