What Is Kangoshi Kokkashiken? [Japan National Nurse Licensure Examination]

Minna-San konnichiwa, this is Kyle, and you're in Japan our end and welcome to my YouTube channel ambition era of February than a man that meets in Japan in the last season of love, dial Valentine's season of board, examinations ninja para samey have care professionals like Emma doctors, pharmacists new model. Geologists sempre, para, demand, nurses, come so Filipinas, Gilligan upon Bain LE or Filipinos, licensure examination, twice and on June and December D tournaments in Japan Kinshasa once a year, every. Third, Sunday of February, no you're, not scheduled on February 16 and the result or go Karaoke a man aluminum and some March, 19 2020, I'm governing body or governing agency in an examination, a toy, a Minister of Health Labor and Welfare or Coast a road. Oh, sure. So what is Congo Chicago chicken? You see 240 item examination.

None divides the long session, AM and PM a.m. session. It's 120 items, vended immensity M. If love Las Cruces, clean economy among subjects or camo, who know Helen, mo I relate Vanessa. Exam NATO, the first one to 25 items of each session you're thinking about 'no, he showman died or compulsory questions. You next not 26 - 90 between Tina Putnam and I eat bun. One guy or general questions at you items.

Number 90, 100, 120 to the money on joke, to said, pay or situational questions, I'll be giving examples cone. Each one about the norms of our kind not questions and a junkie coca Nina. You usual, not two hours and 30 minutes, no time in taking the exam Alma gotta hop on. You know, a sham three. Hours and 30 minutes. So my addition on the one, our pal samey, foreigners they'll challenge a personal questions. NATO that he'll.

It is in pure Japanese little. And you are free to choose politic, no a booklet stable more. You can decide the free Ghana Ski or with Ruby, no question, booklet or you Puritans in answer, so it's up to you for beginners I suggest not why not take Manna Yong, my frigging Anna booklet. And then someone accepts it more. You can just use the free, guided ct-9 bully because I think.

Some economic personal questions must my beliefs mission of Obama formulation, manga la, Laguna, free Ghana that people are earned propose. Now why not be taken among a Filipino show exam in English and money Indonesians in Bahama Panama Tamara passing a written among foreigners, nurses Namur. It needs to see Japan. But the course a road also said, they have no plans in administering, the exam in either English or Bahama, because you need to have a high proficiency level, Japanese free to practice safe. And effective nursing care and Amanda to see Japan so tamarind, appoint, Mill, no known, 2009, synonym Philippines. You first batch not de peppy, nurses and pasted an exam 2010, no pocket technology exam.

NATO out of 98. Nurses is a legume muffuletta, Pumas, UNAM coca chicken, dementia era. So pattern, 1% Lanka, compared the 90 percent passing rate. Japanese master Sabine ad.

Nominal good newscasts, a since then 2009 matters. New young tomato assume passing rate among a film in recess and again exam. Now, okay, she. Can interact 1% neon. NASA between 10 to 15%. NASA, oh, ma, BA, Baba 10 to 15 pro la. Setting monuments, Richard among fellow, nurses naughty.

NATO, para la, may pass an exam. And you 10 to 15%, then managing began mass de l'opera here of telexing room exam. Now, Panama Manila man, pas ado, Haas exam, NATO.

So you said, I have begun in enough first one to 25 10, ohms, both AM and PM sessions. Yeah, new basic or compulsory questions or his shaman died. So you need to get the 80% of that 50. So you need to get 40 out of 50. Questions, APA, aka, Dino, failed, yeah, Jennings course, MANA a pan you number26 to 90.

I joke, you said, a young number 91 to 120. So yeah, hottie on that was encoded audio. So silly me that ii in borderline, pardon, sir a pan and jockey setting, Amati know, for example, Matheson iguana, my Japanese, um, he keen or average Nanak. Vanilla is around 200 190. Unchanged in Tamara borderline with us. So we'll have a Lampoon Pinellas intercept Elena or in computation. Ill numbers at number three line pro.

But in. Average this is safe Kan aka, 160 points. But as I open and Tojo said, pay let's say, no homo 40 over 50 says, his shoe, pas ado, ha, pro ENG, Manna, Manna, Hawaii, borderline, nah scores, Leonine Tojo set a box of potential. So says loom, Alabama Newman answered keen and guiding Somali view centers it's, a Japan after numbered exam. So Malaya, menace, pas ado, ABA or him, DECA say, much check new home, new home, Obey uses a shoe or Navajo - Carissa eponyms Ohio I'm here up the value, examiner UNCLE in English I'm.

Here appear now how much more you got a second in Japanese so Salado, audience, among Kappa, naughty, nurses, Narayana booth de Paris exam, NATO, attend demand, Masada guy upon and Japan are in the scene below. You mama be like that I'm, an alumnus of the peaches are all in timeline in Spain Miller, para Aaron. So what happens if you pass the exam are you an McGinn qualified? Nurse can and it's a Japan. So you England's who save my Pasco word exam, para, petroleum dream.

More animal work me to Japan as a. Registered nurse. So in Villa Ella tapas upon personal exam, you challenged it's in Japan sempre with great power comes great. Responsibility, sobbing ineligible along the east nylon bag wash chicken. So appropriate enema, kill, Amanda, fellow Filipino, nurses, not indeed, an emetic numbered exam.

Now, Maggie marketing result, demo, frigate, gozaimasu. Thank you again. Guys for watching my videos on I mean, raw animal idea about shopping eating Japan, RN and don't forget to hit like and subscribe per annum on.

Updated Asama next now videos, : sayonara.

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