Weirdest Fursona Ever!

Oi stop talking French, get yourself in discord. You don't know enough French to carry this on I know, you don't get on this cord. I, have you have something to see we are previously on PR designs. Ah, that's, a bit Liam Neeson.

Then hi I, don't know who you are I don't know who you are I, don't know what you want? Oh, yeah, ransom I can tell you I don't have money. But what I do have is a very particular set of skills I have acquired over a very long career skills that make me a nightmare for people. Like you, if you let my daughter go now that will be the end of it. Now I will not look for you, I will not pursue you.

But if you don't, I will look for, you will find you and I will kill you. Did you just google? I?

Did yeah, he's so fast with the googling shut up. I'm going to be Internet the instant instantly popped in my head. Plus DV ideal up your experience to identifying DS. What can I say, boy, I, don't know whether I'm going to include any of this ramble?

It sounds turning blue. What are we talking about. Anyway, blue we're talking about German, blue, French, then German, . Okay.

We left at Europe. Now, , I thought, you said, you want to get political shut up kindly off. Okay, stylistic. Yes. We're vexing kindly offered you draw me free art. Yeah, one.

Okay. Well, we blue vexing kindly offered draw me. My first art, yeah and I'm. Gratefully, I, gratefully, accept you see you interrupted me saying that so many times you then learn my lines from mere remember what we drew the worst thing you could. Possibly imagine the fact that this has been transformed into a character thee I, can't call cute because it's you.

But other state I would objectively speak its, very impressive that's that you're a monster it's like the eyes are blue just refer to you just refer to the picture of you like how I made something that looks so , oh, but like you just said, like you said, could be considered exactly it is weird like you like nobody-nobody law, because that you impregnate, well, I thought. Why I went deeper for, you know, much more high-pitched, oh, my god, I'm. The I'm never doing that. Again. Every single day I get free. to be better. I got this for you also that's called stealing.

And now you can finally let loose upon the world with your newfound. Well, I can't, not now. This isn't going to be released, no listen. But we've got to pretend that the video is live come on. You know how the internet works.

God, . If we say today, I, don't mean, the 3rd of December it's gonna totally. Ruin it now into Americans, not say, dodgy that's, like the best word, oh, you like an early save time to the Artemis folder, right? We're going to pretend you don't have an armless folder? Give me something for you to say to end the video, oh it's, a video you're, always wanting to be in a video now you're in one, you don't paw.

What do you mean I'm, always wanting to be in a video? You want it to be in a video, but some best I'm the best I'm. The one that caused all the booze are you artists are you've got a. Template now you've got no excuses send us. you will be the worst people will hate you if they think you're, an, ironically, saying that I'm joking PR, obviously teaches me how this community works because PR is obviously my public with representative. You can't even get that right and that's, not what my name stands for, so it's, not right, it's.

Ten seconds and the video go. Hello. People how you doing today. Why did you sing it?

You ending it that's, it that's it. You don't have the final word. Anymore, no, I do I.

Do. Thank you very much blue.

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