Itsukushima Shinto Shrine (Unesco/Nhk)

The Magnificent floating shrine Fukushima Shinto shrine maxima is an island, 31 kilometers in circumference in Hiroshima Bay in the NATO Island sea. It has been an object of veneration since ancient times. The Fukushima shrine was built here about 800 years ago, general Area, no Kilomole erected and dedicated the shrine to the glory of the Area clan in 1168 towards the end of the Main era with beautiful green vegetation as a backdrop. The red painted shrine juts outwards, creating a remarkable. Landscape a shrine floating on the sea. The buildings are connected by a series of long roofed corridors. The pillars supporting the building are prone to water erosion.

The entire complex emerges when the tide is out approximately 160 meters from the Holden or main sanctuary is the authority 16 meter high pillars. Constructed from Japanese camphor tree, trunks make up the entrance Reverend's at the Fukushima shrine by the Area clan is said to have begun when Area no Kilomole was appointed the. Governor of a key at the height of Tyra glory, Kilomole spent lavishly on compiling and dedicating scriptures to the shrine. There are 32 volumes of scriptures of the Lotus Supra.

And the Heart Supra hand, copied by members of the Area clan together with his own writings of his wishes. Area, no Kilomole himself presented the dedications to the shrine Kilomole is said to have read the surreys intensively praying for the lasting glory of his clan dying, a peaceful death and going to paradise. A Shinto.

Priest appears in the roofed corridors in the morning after purifying themselves, they would offer their prayers and attend to their duties just four years after cure more his death, the Area clan clashed with the Genii clan in the battle of the new era, the Area clan perished in the waters of the Set Inland Sea. The shrine today quietly sits on those same waters.

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