Honda Cr-V New Catalytic Converter From Yitamotor

Today, we're going to be replacing my catalytic converter on this 2002, Honda CTV, I know I made a video of it before what I did before is, I took it out, and I cleaned it, and it seemed to do the trick. But now the code came back p0420. I think it's, p0420, yep, um. So this company sent me this catalytic converter, so we're going to go ahead and unbox it and see what's inside I'll have the name on the link where I got this from by the way. If you guys are wondering where I got it from feel free to message. Me or comment down below all right what she looks like.

So this is a direct fit. We just got to remove the bolts. This is where our o2 sensor goes in, and we got our nuts and washer and all that good stuff.

So we're going to go ahead and remove that catalytic converter and put it in what you need to do is you need to jack it up right there in the frame. We got my jack stand right there. Then we go underneath here. So you have three bolts, one, two three. So you can see I sprayed it with wd-40 it's, a little. Bit rusted so go ahead and put your end wrench right here.

This is a 14 and then use your wrench to loosen that bolt. This is already loose. Then if you go up underneath here, if you've seen my first video, um that's, the bolt that it broke off. So you got my, I got my stud or my bulk broken in there. I have to drill it out, but you have another one here right there, which is a 12 millimeter. So go ahead and take that off.

And then if you go underneath here, you have your o2 sensor, you got your upstream and. You got your downstream, go ahead and remove this wiring harness and just unplug them. You got a tab right here. And then you pull it out same for here, pressing that tab. And it comes off that way when we have the catalytic converter out, we can remove those two o2 sensors out, which will go right here. So we're going to go ahead and remove the old catalytic converter, and we're going to put this one in 12 millimeter right there.

You can reach it from here. So you can see my hand zoom in. So you guys can. See so it's going to be right here, like I said, the other side I broke it broke off.

And when I was attempting to remove it, I know I have to drill that out. But for now we're, just going to put one bolt take this off all right. So we got all the bolts off, uh, bolts in the top. And the three bolts here, sorry, gasket, it's. The new one. This is the old one. So we're going to go ahead and spray a little of wd-40 around here.

And let it soak for about 10 minutes, and I'm going to go ahead and remove them and swap them. Out to this one by the way is eight millimeters, that's, an eight millimeter, take those two off, and then we're just going to swap the o2 sensors to the new one, and we're going to go ahead and install it little oxygen sensor kit, we're going to go ahead. And this is what it looks like going to put it right here, and then we're going to use our ratchet it's, probably best that you leave it in the car. First then remove the oxygen sensor. But I wanted to I wanted you guys to have a better view of.

What it looks like, um, we're going to go ahead and loosen that up swap them out and install the new catalyst that's. This one set up right here got my foot right here, and I'm just going to give it one. Good, whack. Okay. So this one goes up here. This one up here, go ahead and tighten them up. And then this washer right here, bleed, right there.

So I'm going to go ahead and take that out. This is the old one. This is the new one I'm, just going to slide it right up in there, actually, it might be better. If is we go ahead. And slide it up here like this. So we're going to go ahead and put the new catalytic converter with this gasket, holding it with my finger like that.

This package came with these two bolts over two longer ones. These go in the top up there, like I said, I broke one of them off, so we're, just going to use one. And then these bolts right here, I think I dropped the other one somewhere there. It is we're gonna use, uh, these new bolts right here. Every time you're, replacing a catalytic converter.

I would. Recommend replacing the bolts, so they don't break off like what happened to this one and go ahead and slide it up right here. I'm, not going to show you the process of it, but I'm going to show you how it goes in, so it's going to slide in with this one. So that was my mistake. We're, not gonna reuse this one.

This is for the old one. This package actually came with a gasket looks like this. As you can see the little groove right, there, we're going to go ahead and put that one in there, and we're going to.

Put the bowl okay, so you can see I got my. We have our gasket in there, make sure it's in that, um that little groove also, I already installed the bolts and the nut do not tighten it yet, all the way because we're going to need all that room to align this side right here. So just hand tight this one, it goes in like this.

All right, this is the upper side. Don't, forget to put your gasket in and move it up a little out, and then we're going to slide it in there. And like I said, one of the bolts is broke. So. Go ahead and align it and put your two bolts on that, and then we're going to go ahead and reconnect those o2 sensor all right. So we got one two three bolts installed. Now, this is the new one.

I could not use this one. This is too big for that hole. So I had I ended up using my old bolt for now we got our o2 sensor here. Go ahead and reconnect them. That's one.

This is the second one, go ahead and tuck them inside, so they're, not dangling. But yeah, anyway, have to reuse that old one and that hole right there. There's a bolt stuck in there that I have to drill out, well, we're, not going to cover that today like I said, if you want to know where I got this catalytic converter from I'll, have it posted up on the title in the description, um, yeah, that that's it. If you got any questions, comment below guys, please click on the subscribe button. Uh, help me out my algorithm. If you got any other questions feel free to inbox me, comment, uh, I'll, try to get back to you as fast as I can all right. And again.

Thank you for. Watching.

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