Guerras Civiles Ii

Welcome to our virtual course of history of Peru for the second grade of high school teacher, Andy Ortiz, Thomason greets. You remember that this week's slogan is show my friendship, including all my classmates today. We are going to continue talking about the civil wars between the conquerors for that.

We must remember that the first civil war has already been developed. And we have studied the one that confronts the first conquerors and has as its outcome. The death of these important characters who. Are Francisco Pizarro and Diego de Alvaro the elder, then we enter the second civil war known as the rebellion of the encomenderos. Its main cause is found in the new laws of the indies.

These new laws of the indies will be a set of ordinances that the king of Spain, Carlos will first issue in the year. 1500 42 to this king is also called Charles fifth in Germany, but well, what does he establish by means of the new laws of the indies? What happens is that king Carlos first realizes that the.

Encomenderos, you already know what an encomienda is, we can now explain to ourselves what an encomienda is the inconveniences in Spain' in Peru, they are abusing their power. They do and undo what they want with the indigenous people. And they exploit them to the fullest. They are looting tahuantinsuyo. They are looting all of Peru, therefore, they establish a viceroyalty where the king of Spain came down from stopping here in Peru. But since he cannot be there in two places at the same time, he is going.

To delegate a visa or king to an almost and king to a viceroy, and for that, he appoints him to the work you speak with a candle. The first viceroy that Peru has what these new laws said, what were the most important points, for example, taking care of the conservation of the government and the good treatment of the lukewarm because they were not being treated? Well, they were being exploited that there was no cause or reason to make them slaves, neither by war, nor by rebellion, nor by ransom, nor in any. Other way to say, the Indians, the indigenous are not slaves. We have already said that here at this time they are called Indians because they still thought they had reached the Indies. But in reality, the term is indigenous the aborigines. Then the indigenous people cannot be slaves that the bad custom of making the Indians serve as porters without their own will.

And with due retribution will end because many times the indigenous people will be forced to work, and they will not be paid anything from. Now it is prohibited. So these laws are giving many benefits to the indigenous, and the encomenderos are bothering them because the encomenderos abuse, the work of the indigenous people. They also say that they should not be taken to remote regions under the pretext of fishing for dogs, not to take them away from their place where they lived.

And here comes one of the most important aspects that the royal officials of the viceroy for below, that is, The encomenderos did not have the right to the. Encomienda of the Indians, from now on the encomiendas are annulled, There are no more encomiendas for anyone, That is what the new laws of the Indies of the year 1542, tell you because we are no longer in a government. He has created a viceroyalty. And with this, we finish off. He tells you the repartimiento given to the first conquerors will cease completely upon their death. And the Indians were placed under the royal crown without anyone being able to inherit their tenure and dominion.

Then. If a Spaniard has received an encomienda, he is very happy there working with the Indians on his lands that he has received when this Spaniard dies. The encomienda is returned to the Spanish crown and his son, no longer inherits it as it was before, because before the encomiendas were hereditary now, not from this law, no longer You can't, even keep the indigenous people from passing, They continue to become servants of the king of Spain, This is going to bother me Much to the encomenderos, therefore, Battles are going to break out between the Spaniards themselves. On.

The one hand, we have the encomenderos led by Gonzalo Pizarro, And on the other hand, we have Viceroy New de Vela, who is trying to enforce these laws that the king Carlos will first meet in the battle of the year Quito. And the winner will be Gonzalo Pizarro while new de vela would die in those instances, Gonzalo Pizarro declares himself. Governor of Peru is rebelling against the Spanish crown itself and will probably pay very. Expensive in these instances, a rebellion occurs, Diego center, accuses, Gonzalo, Pizarro of having abused, the trust of his companions when he was in his town, therefore a war, conflict begins a series of rebellion show. It Pizarro has to send a military contingent and confront Diego Center Normally. We see that two Spanish sides are facing each other , therefore, Diego Center, not seeing himself, outnumbered and outnumbered in strategy. He is going to flee.

And his army is also seeking an alliance with a. Spanish envoy from Spain, different characters are coming to enforce these laws. The famous Pedro de la, geisha known as the peacemaker. Therefore, in the battle de hearing Diego center is going to be defeated by Gonzalo Pizarro and is going to look for an allay join the armies with Pedro de la. Geisha here, the famous chain hacking battle takes place. And why do I tell you that it is famous now we are going to meet him look here. They face the Spanish factions of Gonzalo Pizarro leader of the. Encomenderos against Pedro de la, geisha a character who has come to reconcile to negotiate.

And what is Pedro de la. Geisha's strategy. Look at this dog of the Vasco contact, Gonzalo Pizarro's soldiers and tell him have been careful. You are fighting against the king of Spain against the Spanish crown sooner or later, we are going to defeat you. Therefore, it is better that surrender from now on. You are alone. There are few people they have few soldiers in America that is to say in Peru, while in Spain, they.

Have a whole military contingent with euro power in Europe and Gonzalo Pizarro's, very fearful. Soldiers can come to counterattack. Many of them are going to accept the pardon that Pedro de la, pasta offers them. And if that doesn't convince them, he tells you if you leave Gonzalo Pizarro and go over to the Spanish side you are going to receive encomiendas. So he tells you even though it is forbidden with the law of the year 1542 by the new Indian laws, they will be rewarded for their honor and their. Loyalty to the Spanish crown, they will be pardoned. No one will punish them.

But above all the encomiendas that motivated a lot who the soldiers abandon Gonzalo Pizarro. And in the pampa lets the righteous Pedro de la. Geisha endure, He will resoundingly defeat the brother of Francisco, Pizarro and well, The soldiers who have changed sides are now awaiting their inquiries., you give them their prizes that they had been promised, but Pedro de la. Geisha knew that this was not possible, So he begins to.

Delay time, he begins to give them things and prizes, small things that they had not been promised, The encomenderos are very dissatisfied with Pedro de la house. And a new lawsuit is going to start, Thus begins the third civil war known as the rebellion of the dissatisfied whose origin or whose motive is the distribution of Wayne flour, where Pedro de la. Geisha does not deliver. What was promised here they are going to face.

Hernandez jinn, Francisco Hernando, y girl leader of the encomenderos and. Those of the dissatisfied on this occasion against the royal hearing and because the royal hearing because from Spain, they had sent the second viceroy because Blanco new de vela had already died called Antonio de Mendoza prey Antonio de Mendoza only governs for a few months and then dies unexpectedly, , . Therefore, the real audio NCAA, which is another Spanish organ is operating in America takes the military reins and confronts. The dissatisfied led by him, Hernandez girl will be a confrontation in.

Arduous battles such as that of villa cur that of his store, which will be favorable for Hernandez turn de the satisfied. And unfortunately, for them, the royal audience will win definitively in the battle of UCAR. Therefore, the dissatisfied rebels have been defeated the encomenderos. And for a long time, the first conquerors, the land is free to apply the new laws of the indies, to establish in Peru, a viceroyalty. First question of the self-assessment tells us the first viceroy of Peru who was defeated. In the battle of Aquino, he is Blanco new de vela and was defeated by Gonzalo.

Pizarro Antonio Mendoza is the second viceroy of Peru question. Number 2 tells us the leader of the encomenderos who opposes the establishment of the new laws of the indies established by king Carlos first. He is Gonzalo. Pizarro do not forget that you have a pending task develop it, practice it and study hard. And we will meet the next class. See you later.

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