Funny Pranks With Slime For 24 Hours Challenge || Gone Wrong! Ultimate Tricks By 123 Go! Challenge

Looks like Nick's running right on time. But if you think your day's running smooth think again, who would do a thing like this buckle up? We've got more slime coming your way there's someone already in there you're going to be long one minute. Come on one minute. Please. This is an emergency.

My bladder is going to birth. Nick really needs to work on his patients. That's. If she's never going to finish, but I know how to keep her out one gross slime prank coming up she's coming all. Yours, dude, want to gross out.

Your friends first lay down some plastic wrap put the seat back down. And now for the slime ice that stuff looks like a bunch of wells, you know, this feels kind of awesome. I'd better get out of here.

It's showtime all righty. Ah, the sweet sounds of the espresso machine smells like prank time to me just for Emily morning. Can I have a cup? Aw, thanks cookies, too double score. This espresso's, perfect nice, screw job.

Nick anything for you em, want to know how I pulled that off let's go back a few steps. It came. To me while brushing my teeth, Emily used the last of the toothpaste and that's when it hit me, Emily needed to learn a lesson and slime was the way to do it. First, I filled a syringe with slime all the way to the top then into the toothpaste tube.

It went, it was perfect. Then I put it right back. Ah, time to get ready for the day. What my teeth. I have to brush this stuff off. What happened to the was it always this snotty?

Oh, no. Nick, nothing like replenishing, your candy stash. And the first order of. Business, ensuring what's, yours stays yours, especially this one looks like someone stocked up. What are all these annoying notes? Okay? Time for round two.

This should hold me over a while nope. Still hungry looks like those notes were a waste of time Emily's coming. Well.

What do we have here? A chocolate fiend? Just after a singer have anything to say for yourself, ugh, twofold to talk. Nick wants to play this game. He won't be able to resist this gotta top it off with one of these what's in the tree. Cabinet today, a fresh jar of Nutella, I really scored this time and the first bite's the best part, um, this is awfully gooey. Oh, smells like plastic, I'm.

Not messing with this. It worked that'll. Teach him, whoa.

Watch out for that wall. What are you doing nick, hey, nick, hello. Want to do a mask with me, it'll be like a spa day at home. Ah, actually, this sounds like fun. I call this facial, the nick special, keep those eyes closed.

Okay. Let me make some nose holes here feels nice and cool right now just relax. I think. This minimizes your pores, too I'll, be back in a while okay. Now, where was I this thing feels awfully heavy? Wait a minute, is it supposed to be this gummy?

And it smells kind of funny that's. If I'm done relaxing come on EW. This was on my face, it's gross slime.

What was that for guess I had that coming? Oddly enough. My skin feels pretty smooth.

Finally, home after a long day. And these heels are coming off, but Emily's mess, quickly becomes Nick's problem, what stupid shoes. But day after day, Emily does the. Same thing shoes has a girl ever heard of a shoe rack, whether they're high heels or clunky boots, whoa, Emily's.

Shoes are coming off at the door. Emily, oh, I know how to teach her a lesson pink slime. Anyone how'd she like to step into this come on get in there. This stuff's really squishy, huh, and back to the scene of the crime. She'll, put them on before she leaves. This is going to be good. Hey, why is my shoe turning pink?

Oh, what on earth is this stuff it's still coming out of my shoe it's like pink alien. Goo how'd this even get in there. Nope, this definitely isn't right? This is disgusting better, not leave your shoes at the door. Surprise, happy birthday, Emily my birthday was on the first it was nearly a month ago. So what it's an excuse to eat cake?

What I guess I can't complain right? Is this dark? Chocolate cream, pie, don't, mind, if I do huh, this chocolate's, pretty solid let's. See here that was weird. Huh?

What kind of cream is this? Is it supposed to be bright orange? Enjoy? Oh, gross. And I was really.

Hungry to yuck. Well, happy birthday to me do you think slime makes for the perfect prank share this video with your friends and start a slime war. Just don't blame us when you find the gunk in your toothpaste, don't, forget to subscribe to one two three, go challenges, YouTube page for more awesome videos, like this one foreign.

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