Ethical Egoism 50S Psa

Oh, Chicana, megachurch, a gotta makeup Xalapa turned out to young bucks Brad and Danny are enjoying each other's company in this secluded parking-lot past curfew. This is Brad. His family is quite well-off, but he is rather unintelligent. This is Danny with an IE. He is studying to be a mime, their parents do not approve of their relationship for it means they are homosexuals to write those parents for homosexuals are so bad. They may as well be commies for the Red, but what's this. A cop is approaching.

And it is past curfew, , occupied gentlemen, I'm going to have to ask you exit my eyes red. It is pastor view. This is the police.

Our boys being out in a parked car past curfew have now found themselves in quite the snafu. Watch out, Danny, what's, cooking, good-looking he's going on here. Some backseat bingo, past curfew, simmered on dossier.

This is the word we were just studying god, you're, not even a real cop. But this cop knew what was up. She wasn't being fooled. These boys were playing backseat. Bingo.

Past curfew, oh, I know what you were studying I'm food, I wish I was booted. I'll, cut, you are a deal, what kind of deal? Okay, our sake, you can come with me, and we can explain to your parents of this out past curfew shenanigans or second option. You can pay me six to nine dollars, and I'll. Forget this ever happen. The boys have chosen to make their decision using ethical egoism. Now, these boys take in philosophy.

So they know that that means deciding the option that is in their best interest, rather then. Explained their post, curfew shenanigans to their parents and get into some serious trouble, Brad and Danny have decided to pay off the cop Brad after all has deep pockets, which explains why Danny sticks around good thinking Danny. What is this futuristic plastic Rick tingle swipe, the card. It worked it's been a pleasure doing business with you boys, and it's, the actual catch on the flippy flow carry on what just happened to now.

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