Ds18 Pro Exl 8 Inch Speakers

What's, good, YouTube manager, Bryan, Huffman coming at you all in another video it's been a minute since I've done an update on the channel here. Man, but I wanted to make sure I got this one up and going actually should've done this a while ago, man, but I've had a lot going on pretty much just a general man. So here's, an update Bali's quite a while ago, but I'm just now getting around to opening the box up, you know, how I do admit I cut the top just to make it easier for the video, but you have to know the. Theme this year is again, louder than I was last year. So 2019 2020.

This is what this build is for 2020. I believe the last video I showed the horns from my drivers for D. S, 18 everythings, D. S, 18. So keeping along with that, D man got some more products here for me to get a little louder.

So instead of me, just rambling on man, let me get this box open grabbing some stuff that's a big box right there. Man. So this is my D. S, 18 EX 8-inch speakers. These are going to be heinous midbass. I believe these.

Are 400 watts, RMS. Let me spin us around here. You all concede think you can, I'm not really zoomed in on it. But this is 8-inch, boom, it. Well, they called the mid-range long loudspeaker, whatever, you know, help me go man, mid and highs, 400 watts, RMS it's got the candy red deal. Senator, 49 house magnets on there and frequency from a hundred to eleven thousand Hertz, I'll, probably eight-inch I'm, not really sure where I want to run the frequency on this.

But I probably do honestly with me, I'll probably do.200 or better, but let's get the speaker out of the box. So we can take a look see what it does. Alright, so off top, you got a sticker in here. You got the little insulation, drawing for the cutout. And then, of course, you got the owners, owner's manual hashtag. We like it loud. And yes, we do because that that has been the theme for the entire season like I said, that is definitely the theme going forward.

This it's going to be done off camera I'm just pulling her out the box. This is one hefty piece of. Equipment that I am ya know I had the six in the house in the rear deck this year.

And that was highly impressive. A man, this is crazy. Alright? So hopefully you can see that push terminals on her candy red basket, I mean, it's, basically the same as my um, my. Six-And-A-Half just a whole heck of a lot bigger spinning around here, there's a magnet owner.

Now this one when these virgins I'm running I'm going to run them at for all on my crescendo, amp I have the crescendo s1, and I'm going to run two of these. On that CAMP, let me get the box over here. Because I'm going to one month. We'll do two same deal sticker installation, drawing in the owners. Manual I've got a little graph on here. Mom's going to show that while we're sitting here trophy Excel.

84 is basically just in this 8 8 inch speaker for home version, a dense mid-range loudspeaker cloth as non-price paper cone, like I said, 49 house high strength magnets, rare color. But you know, obviously this candy red basket too old to inch voice, coil 400 watts, RMS. Sensitivity is 97 DB. So let me get this one out the box as well might as well go two for two here. The boxes didn't hold up to Ellen I.

Can't. Remember, if I bought these from Jeff online or price range sales down on Lincoln, I think I might have bought these from price right? Man, like I said, they've been sitting in the corner for a minute and I just did an unboxing because I just didn't I mean, I like I said, I hope, I'm not getting to the points where I'm getting numb to having this stuff, and it's just. Becoming regular and normal to me man, I, don't, I, don't want to get to that point.

But I mean, you know that we work for. So this is what we well least me. This is what I spend my money on man. So this is some big boy, heavy-duty equipment.

So like I said, I got two of these 8 inch drivers. These are going to be right now. These are planning to go on my rear doors on the crescendo s1 amp like I said, these are 400 watts, RMS apiece that amp adds to own it's rated at a thousand watts, RMS.

So hopefully, you know. A little of impedance rise, everything will be fine, definitely I'll have the amps tuning right main things like that. So make sure that I don't blow anything, but you all see it man, that's one, hell of a that's one hell of a speaker right? There man 8 inches. You see the spider in their wrist, biter, push terminals. The tensile leads that candy red basket is obviously amazing man. Unfortunately, I don't have the fabrication skills to where I would invert that I don't I've, never known anybody to invert a. Loudspeaker in the first place does that mean, obviously you went to sound to come out after you come out after you.

So or whoever I'm not of us, we play our music loud. We play down with the doors open. So we'll, see what it does. Man, I got two of them, I don't, even know what to say, anymore, I'm, just main thing.

I, I. Guess since I have the channel man I just want to make sure that a video log everything that I do for is if I decide to change plans and move to another build I know, that's insane, but you all. See how I do man every summer fall, it's, just like, ok. Now, put some in there, and then I want to move on to something else. So here we go again, moving on to something else. D, s18 is a brand I can just catch me out of nowhere earlier this year and I fell in love with it. So here we are moving forward with it.

So stay tuned. Don't know, yeah, yeah, probably boxes. This box of stuff are blocking the stuff, but that's. Alright, man, they'll, be, uh, there'll, be more updates like I said, I might not be going back to. Back to back, but there'll, be more stuff. Come in I got to get my hands on the car and start installing and removing stuff still, so it's going to be a process like I stated in the past.

This is going to be a very slow to do very patient, build I'm. That's. One thing I'm holding myself accountable to is just being patient and making sure I take my time with this stuff. So it's going to be more stuff to come out of boxes. I do have to give away some stuff man. So maybe the weekend depending on how things turn out.

Hopefully if I got the time man, I, couldn't, go ahead and set up a giveaway and just uh, send some stuff out to some people man. Well, we'll see what it does with that man. So you all know the deal. Stay tuned.

Any questions comment, concerns I, try to get back there. But if I have the time if it's not coming right back to you man, just give it a give me a little of time, and I'll try to holler back at you, stay tuned. That's. The main thing I could say, I'm, really feeling like this time for a giveaway. So I.I will get something coming out the doorbell silver here? Man.

So stay on the lookout for the next video that one's going to be definitely have a giveaway involved in it, and we'll go from there. Man, you boy and up and the hot doing man, stay positive. I'm out of here.

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