Diy 4 Way Flat Connector.

Well, the first thing you're going to want to do is you're gonna want to grab some tools you'll need wire, snips wire, strippers wrenches or sockets because we're going to have to disconnect the battery since we're going to be working with some electrical obviously you're going to need a dust cover you're far away, and I use some friction tape. You can use electrical tape all I'm doing here is I'm, just measuring all how much wire I'm gonna need from that far away connector, because they usually come in like a. Flood, plus I think some six foot so that's way more than what I require. So I'm, just measuring it, all I'm snipping off the access of it, and then I'm going to start stripping the wires away, and then I'll, connect it to the other side. And this is why you don't want other people to work on your vehicles or anything else, unless if you are completely confident in them, because as you're going to see this jag off ended up using duct tape with twist caps that's, a no-no, you don't want to do that at all look at. This crap now, since the mini rants over with I run across all these twist caps, so they use twist caps, and then they wired it off. And then they use duct tape.

We're, not going to do that we're just going to do this. The right way I'm just going to be snipping off the exposed wire bent because that's, no good anymore, and I'm just going to strip away that whiter coating. And then we're gonna just end all twisting that together with the new connector wire. So you want to do in your four-way connectors. The. Part that you cut off at the Damon slack that you need, and I'm cutting off a little piece of my shrink wrap for the wire I'm just going to end up using a lighter, you can use a hair dryer or a heat gun.

If you do use a lighter, you definitely want to be careful. So you don't burn the coating off of your main lines or you're being wider. So it just kind of be careful to just kind of go around it, and you'll see exactly how it works. It just kind of shrinks right to if it's really easy.

Now, after when all. The wires are done, then you just go back, you, connect your battery again. This here is a four way tester. Basically, you just plug it into the 4-way that you just put on.

You start your ignition. You put on one of your blinkers, and you go. And you look at the tester, and you should have a light blinking. Then you go back. And you put on the opposite blinker. Take another look same thing.

And then you press the brake, which will help if there's another person that can just watch, so you're, not walking back and. Forth is and then you turn on your headlights. And then there should be lights on there, too and that's.

What the trailer is going to read and so that's, why you want to make sure it all works just right as you can see my right blinker is working now I'm, adding friction tape because I ended up using a cap for one of the wires, because one of the wires are thick. So this way, it'll, stay all connected. And I also wrap around that, shrink wrap that I put on this way, everything's all secured I don't have to. Worry about moisture and the dirt grime and all the other crap to get into there to mess up my wires, again, I'm going to be putting on a dust cover to protect the four-way. So this way, salt dirt, whatever kind of environment you live in moisture doesn't get inside it.

So you don't have to keep switching these things off, and I'm going to wrap it around I'm going to use these really fancy little zip tie things, which I like, because you don't have to use snips to cut them off, and they're reusable. So. We're going to slap that on, and then we're going to go pick up the trailer, and I'll show you what that looks like when it's connected into the trailer port you. You picked up.

The trailer, as you can see doing those wire, harnesses was really easy. I'm. Sure you were all able to tell sure I brought it up already how irritated I was because of that hack job that was done me. Duct tape really I just used it.

All it was caps I mean that that was piss-poor. So you looked up this video, and you wanted to. Learn how to do he has never done it before hopefully it'll help you, you know, check out my other videos, don't, forget, you know, learn different skills. You know, even if it's just a little here. And there just do something, you know, you save yourself a lot of money. You save yourself a lot of time.

You know, frustration, frustration, kind of comes with anything mechanical to be honest with ya, as you can tell, you know, I was not happy at all with the duct tape and pretty much anything mechanical, regardless. You're going to have issues with, you know, like wick you have seen there with in this video or rusted nuts, something always goes wrong. Furthermore, you know, he just worked through it that's all you can really do because at the end of the day, you say, some money learned something, you know, he learned a different technique how to do something you know from getting on broken bolt dive or something I, don't know.

And then again, we have YouTube and the internet, which is completely different from when I was younger. When you. Had to go to the library to get a book, or you had to just figured it out yourself or ask the old-timers. But this here with this little duct tape that was just dumb. So just don't do dumb.

You know, you're going to do if you're going to fix something do it properly. The first time save yourself a headache down the road. You know, I mean, it wasn't terribly difficult. So don't get me wrong with that. But it was more frustrating because it was a hack job. So please like subscribe and share.

My videos there'll be. More videos coming up down the road here and hold on here, get wait for this Yahoo to figure out what they're going to do lady. Go figure eventually we'll all get hold, but it. You know, once again, please subscribe share all the good stuff. Comment you wanted to. So when I get back to just do a real quick shoot be hooked up to the trailer is that what it felt little awkward, but u-haul guy is doing it.

Now recording amen man, if I record yet, you like what the hell's wrong with this dude, all right, you all. Take care.

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