Desert Cattle Drive Gone Wrong: Vlog #31

Welcome back to another episode of Bronx and monks and today, we're chasing cows on the desert. We got them boys. We got some cattle up here.

You're late you're late, hey, you guys are late. I said, 4 30, and it is good let's. See 4 36. It's going to be a good day.

Yo, why it's time to wake up we're here? Oh, it's time to wake up boys on today's episode of Bronx and monks we're gathering lake cavers off the desert. The main herd has already been gathered and brought home, but some calves were too small to. Make the walk, so we left them behind with their moms.

And now we need to go bring the stragglers home. How's, my angle, good. It looks good. It's going to be great when he starts is he yeah, oh yes, dude, he's like 12. He ain't going to , you never know what those Manson horses , all right, so we're, looking for how many pairs out here.

Uh about six. I think, so we went down there looking for these cows there. They weren't down there. So we're going to go that way and look at the. River bottom and it's, 6, 30. Already 68 degrees it's going to be hot boys long day, where are these cows at yonder? We got him boys.

We got some cattle up here. Furthermore, we ain't got no Carell. Furthermore, we have to load every single one of these. How many do we have eight he's got one right there?

We were sitting on the trail up here debating if we were to go up this canyon or not. And then I thought I heard a cow and a couple seconds later we looked over, and we could see him crossing out here in this clearing. We all took. Off after him, and there may be a couple more than we expected.

We don't have a core, and we have to load all these up somehow. So today might be a little entertaining, oh here's that longhorn right? Here. Finally, will's been chasing her. We got the man heard held up right here, and she's been a little of a problem for us. Here's her calf.

Her calf is brand new. Yeah, honestly. We were about to head up spring canyon like I heard him. Sorry about it like it's, a whole word that sucker's legit board, Yesterday, what's, the game plan for loading these things up what's, your plan for loading them up don't, forget to like and subscribe, hey, will get any beef down there? He said, no, dude, our horses are broke.

Oh, hey, we're going to push these cattle up to the truck and uh. What do you say we just start walking them up we're going to try to load them? First right? Yeah. At the fence if that'll work we're, probably just going to walk them up the road and kind of slowly start roping them. One by one we got.Then breaking for the riverbed, hey, cows.

Well, look who dropped the radio, oh, Mr Wyatt well, the work's almost done and the sun's finally coming out, and it's starting to get warm. Yeah, those cows were cleared out in this canyon, got a good start on it. So it wasn't too hot. Since there were more cows than planned.

We had to come up with a way to load them all in the trailer. So we started building an improvised loading chute that we hoped would work. What are the chances?

This works. I give you get two.A Thousand three thousand two out of ten or two out of nine three out of nine three out of nine one. Third, how many calves?

No, no, no, oh it's, looking good. Now. So the idea is we're going to run these cows up the main trail here. And hopefully our little makeshift shoot works.

Good enough. We can load at least a couple of them, and the rest will probably end up open. If we get 100 of the cows in here. First try you all owe me a sub it's its over its over you all owe me a like and a sub all right. We. Got all the strings, tied up all right let's, see how this goes boys just as long as we go up the road, yeah, well, it didn't work. So that sucks, well, we're just going to start roping them and loading them.

I guess all right boys. We got us a big old beef. Oh sorry, oh yeah. . She's. Leaving here you go. Brett nice is it my?

And it stayed on boys? Okay, let me come around the other side about got her down boys. How many of you got left? One cow in them? Two baby, FAM, oh, yeah. This is the last cow.

And that is how you load a trailer full of cattle in the middle of the desert, middle of nowhere, with no core we'll, catch you next week on another episode of Bronx and daunt, remember, if you like and subscribe, thank you guys so much for watching. And if you enjoyed this video and want to see more make sure you check out to buy a ranch looking hat, those hats make this channel possible, and I'll leave a link in the description below bray. You get it opening today. Oh, yeah, you bet. That cranberry is ready.

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