(12) All Hail Butt Stallion (Let's Play Borderlands 2 W/ Gork Force)

I was Lena skate. Didn't even get hurt. Listen.

Oh, yeah. It was like it. No, no like looking at your less than half help. Oh, good tell me about it Oh garbage, dude, your headphones, oh, my god is so bad. Please talk about we're doing fine. No it's. Fine just wait.

Do you listen to yourself? No somebody not wants to do this there? They are man.

Yes, I'll, wait until I get a mic, no I, ain't, good time for that. Yeah, you's not fair, but I have to , hear myself, and it's just trash. Well, yeah, I mean, it. Is trash what do you want me to say you should not say it like I said, think about being kindling approaches, whatever that is why, oh no what's never saw one more - damn it. Good sniper and everything.

This is the one what oh the lights. The if jeez took you two shots or so that yes, this gun is not accurate. I know, this , it's, , beers immediately. And also explodes afterwards, reloading is nice though looks like we fest shouldn't.

You heel. You forgot. Huh. Oh man, I wonder, if that heals you at. All when you're in second wind, I mean, uh, when you're down, yeah, I mean, yeah, but what it cares we go for this uh-uh. Let me look at the map, uh that way I think that way it works.

Uh that way doesn't work don't go that way this way what oh we're talking just now. And you weren't responding I'm like, um, oh, yeah. Well, I mean, your headphones, a guy Richard that literally didn't hear a word you said, okay, I was like everyone staying here. Now is it then I was like mad. No, either which matters. I said, are you mad?.

How am I mad? Yeah, that's much better. Oh, my god that goodnight, oh, I'll kill myself. Damn it doing it?

Okay, oh, yeah. Now what died? Huh, who can't? See it all right? All right here?

What I have no chance of getting to you that's all right? Hey, I'm, .

I could just miss her. God. Damn, oh, the Dutch. Yeah. Another grazer, Matt, , spicy.

The fire grenade. Yeah, through a , Ella, ground, that's, great, I'm going to switch it out next time. I get a decent good aid, I'm, not a fan of it kills me. Instantly I'm, not gonna. That's, um, yeah, I know, but I'm not good with it. I love. It, dude.

He kills up wet also switch to the SMG. Yeah, I would absolutely be dead. Right now if I didn't do that ii was not doing I don't anywhere near the damage, I don't think I've picked up an SMG and a small plate through. Yeah, not at all.

Oh, man. You, yeah, you yeah, you know, Mike I've been working with the sniper this whole time, I guarantee you, you have to want to be sensed into you for that's. Once I thought, I already won I already want to use it. But. , love, it helps, dude when I pick up the badass psycho with the skull for a helmet, yeah, I see his head. Just so I know, I know, I, don't know where the hell he is.

Yeah, I was like aiming. It would have snapped earlier, which was not ideal if this was to a regular gun and I still couldn't hit it at all I couldn't, even find it I was like there's that's. The hit right. Yeah.

I was spraying where I know where the head is. Now because I saw it when I was editing, but he's, yeah, I couldn't I. Couldn't hit it I don't know what it is its just no time.

They're all gone even okay fire. Well, he was on fire he's acting just a firefighter BAM. Oh . Yeah, we're going to be late say in kindling come on trying it, but put the fire. Sputters I should just call him a boy night actually, I will, it's come out right here right in the middle battle.

Do it you're up there? Oh, and center area, Clayton I'm sitting here, trying to kill you right Clayton up there, oh, oh right. I'm going to go good bullets. That's bad, Lilith. Dan, the siren wings, oh, damn, they're, everywhere.

What is going on earth? Yeah, I do I mean we should have smite submitted, smote, whatever, these before the , cutscene, it's like don't ever smoke. Spinney them. We're going to smoke so much Sun. Thanks load like , force. Buckets. Horse has a medium goddamn.

Dude. So many rich, oh, my god just got 500. Yeah, let's loot over that fire. Hmm. Did you do that fires like a meet?

It definitely it's, pretty strut. Out man, they want to see it I. Think everyone wants to see it. You're, right?

You should happen. Weak lame this. This never works before Lilith shows up should have, tried, oh, yeah, I, pulled it earlier.

Oh, no, I, pulled it before she showed up, yeah, I, pulled it for shoving that activate the plating , really, okay, yeah. I. Pulled.

It knows I. Cool, you pull the lever and talking your mother should happen I'm on my way. How do we get there is that will be behind us?

Close. Anyway. Huh?

Yeah. Immediately to a rich. Took off all my shoe let's, close chill, bro chill, bro, hey, I was in danger of not getting to the same dump in town. Oh, hey, I have an SMG I lied all right? Cool. Yeah.

All right to SMG's a lot. Yeah, that's a . Yeah, I'm never going to use that or that from the fleshy SMG I'm, flushing Jean, Flint's, tinderbox, dude, I don't want to know anything about Fritz. , tinderbox, I. Think you do I don't.

Think this isn't abuse, I mean, any could fire beware. Man. Let me see Oh, , no it's, definitely garbage Oh. What idiot, not this it's still, certainly garbage confirmed, wanders the better pistol. And what that boat , it there's, the better pistol, maybe I don't I could be for all I know, you know what is good for setting fires? It is , there's like 19, a attack. It's, probably like this is pistol. 17 ounce man, probably Meyers. Oh, god am I going to be able to make this joke. Oh Krystal, oh I want to show this pistol. Yeah, all right so that that's.

What really you want to say. That that pistol is the , no I certainly meant to say that this little , wonderful, uh, huh, nervous looks so like like a place. We can actually go to you should never cross. Oh, yeah. Yeah.

Actually I actually made it. It was fine I'll say, huh, I'm going to make this jump just gotta find out right now if down there is deplorable, oh nice. A bunch business know. What do we turn in the enkindled sanctuary? Okay, shoot.

Oh, if I'm going to shoot there, rocks. We feeling you feeling like all the. Side missions that we got right now, and then we'll call it an episode or whatever the hell was I thinking I was thinking, oh, dude, I know what we have to do a mass do we have to make a whole part like literally like an entire part just us doing the Lord of the Rings reference you strength we have to do it right? This time.

Sweet. We did right into the first time, no Morris, no never exactly I. Don't know, either you shot him in the head or you just , glitched out, I, forget what happened? Oh, you know, I. Shot him, I definitely shot immediately once we landed, and you were like no hows that.

Well, you said that a little late, but no Curves I'm, I'm, stuck. Okay, I'm. Not stuck. Anyone large a driver don't, go, I know, I have to stop just now I was close. No. Got it nice? Bear.

Boner, farts, voter. First, oh, the other corner. Now, yeah, is that what we're calling it? Now, of course, max damn stinking. So I, come on, oh we're. The only thing the gun is useful for shooting rats because hitting with missiles is not a deal. You.

Just all of them just are like flying out a attack. Formation, it's a formation, though for Delta, Nine, yeah, off. Damn.

It, dude, still, I feel like that. No matter what you aim. The guns only going to shoot with a gun. I'm gonna shoot your Amy doesn't actually matter if the car, isn't facing right way. All right you wanna you want to drive around and pick me up or drive down there? Sorry. So we have a faster way back up still at the hip.

What can you take a card? Huh? Blue shotgun. Good.

Kill more wrecks, so I just discovered something holy I never knew. This was here I've always jumped down on that pipe from up. There I have always will see ya the fact you're seeing exactly what I'm talking about. You can come up here. Oh, well. I mean, you can try actually you look just like in my case here, yeah, yeah. You jump.

Here you jump here and there's a ladder to get to this chest. This is the intended way, but just oh we'll, always just come to the pipe. I would just always climb up there and. Then jump down to the pipe, always time you've never been if there is.

Yeah, yeah. Okay. Could have today? Oh, yeah, only one will affect to euchre. Yeah, yeah. Please would be nice. Oh, yeah.

What are you it, oh you're. There. Okay. I mean, this action was way.

This is why the rock watch the best is I can up your vision like that like to see one right away, no talking, no, uh, oh, yeah. She's. Probably, oh he gave up after Bonaparte, I, wasn't mad. I, remember that mission me we heard this all right that. Way where the register stop stop stop steps up, no, stop.

Stop. Someone's. This guy up here is going to tell Hyperion about a little existing and not be in debt.

You can't be telling that he can't be threatening sexy. . Yeah. Let's. Go. Teach him what's.

What to go to show more for , alphas nosegay wonder if that's its copyright, oh man that hilarious, though, yeah, hollow that I've, just enough time for you to reload. Nice, I, donate I'm, committing suicide. Yeah, basically all right me, too.

Oh, Yeah, . Damn sure, yeah, my grenade actually kill. They didn't kill you. Hey, yeah.

Okay. See he dropped the legendary comfort, I'm sure you, yeah, you take it I. Can't. See you I'm. Sorry, just play. Easy. Gangstas.

No, wait, oh, all right. Picking up. That's, very face fair. No, no, no. It was blue it's. Not a little very be on top.

Forget, the curveball Ricky give him the heater. It was a grenade. Is it?

Good? Yeah. Five thousand all the other ones I've been seeing that a normal level are, um, I'm like 200, oh god, bless, oh, Don't wonder, , the blast radius, 105 Hughes x 0, the more what you throw this grenade. It blows up that's it the moment you throw if it's exploded it's, really like explodes in your hand. Zero point. Zero, yes, when it lands, not women, the moment your finger let's give the pin just dead just touch.

No, no, no, no, no it's. Definitely when it was, yeah, pretty good. Huh? It's. Gross stupid, that's. Good, I, don't want to use it because my other ones better, not necessarily better that's that's.

Stronger yet are you'm going to use it I'm thinking about it? Alright, I'm just gonna wait to the gun. Can you shoot that tanker? Thank you that's. Why? The rocket is better.

No, no, no see I would have been fine. The only thing I, remember loving about the rocket. Yeah. I'll.

Give you a lift is that it's better is that our lights in Borderlands. One shooting from far away. Yeah, one day. I want to be as cool as her there's, a grenade on it. Okay. Hallo.

Three, just dropping leaving grenades on her on the ride. And just running, yeah, three he's. Sucking. Thanks just drop.

It just does I miss that I love that in fact, hopping on the back of a car. Then just shove it just fisting a grenade ass, , the elbow deep into a car then jumping off, oh I. Remember, actually.

Thank you. The fire car. , you're, traffic on that mission. First guess where that I saw that thing is, but I can get to my car, and I'll get myself back up. So don't worry about it. Alright? Now that I know the correct way I'll go get the.

Echo recorded you want to go get the third one, if I know it's that other Waypoint, not sure if I haven't, see if it's like it's by the end I didn't visit, yeah, okay. But the nurse that I live by the Fist of the North Star, just walked by how massive with that game just like games. The full-on thirty titties. Okay, though why not just send in that go? Why call me out here and increase the risk of my parents finding out just still working with is it. There was that I just killed your axe.

I. This is. That you want these gags or something Os teen cactus, no it's in it's in this pump it's in the pump.

Yeah, I figure. What you have to do it's like well does the wires connected to it? You're going to fall it wires, no, no you're going to pull this lever it's like you don't know, Borderlands or something don't know for this game from the life. This is what I was talking about this Fire hawk thing and let the bloodshot's overrun sanctuary. Sorry, Roland.

You , I'll. Take it man. It worked. It works so well, I. Mean, I mean, good job low you're, right? Lily, oh, come on man, she's. So , hot, oh, jeez.

How did she even need to play hard to get Yeah? Right? What the is a rolling steel. He steers right up to the co now it's like stick up his ass. Why I thought you found someone better.

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