2011 Dac Booth - Design Partitioning For 3D Ic

Hi I'm high senior fan, Toni and Christine university. Our demonstration is designed edition for CIC. First, they meet the squirrel apartment to be soft. And I will tell you our partition algorithm. Then we are demonstrating our experimental results in this tool. In addition are given circuit to 3d IC. We need to add this video can Mexican or across different layers.

We add other sanctions of there exist for type of TS be described as follows the problem of deciphered vision for 3d IC is described as. Following our tour impulse Que, lava, RNA list, the information of standard sales, and the total number of petitioners in output n, layer, 11 Allister. And we polar content ESB, an area information. The alternative is the total number of TSV sales. And the chip area should be minimized. This is our algorithm. First we learn at least answer information in our tool.

They are to us in our algorithm, including in each of adhesion include mental, refinement, partition finally, papal chin area in the number of TS v, Initial partition this is an example there are any sales in the circuit, our initial partition algorithm staff and placing all SL LLL one. Then we calculate the game of each sale. Ken a2 is means sale is moved to layer to lose. We can find a Miss. Markham's sale can be true. Then move the Miss Mackenzie to the upper layer.

If the area constraint is satisfied, we added a game of sales converted to the move sale when no sale in the current layer can be moved up our initial partition algorithm assessed to. Move the sale in the upper layer. When the tab layer is reached our initial partition algorithm finishes. Let me show you our incremental refinement partition in this step employees level of endings of addition.

And the task is moved the sale under the area constraints. Our objective is minimized. The number of tsp oil maintain the balance of the area of each layer.

First, we find a Miss Markham sale, then move la. Miasma consult with a tacky layer in the area. Constrain are satisfied.

We are ole miss. Markham sale to be moved. Even if the number of TSV is increased. Finally, we are del again of sales related to the move sale when an integration of incremental River men, partition finish we can tell lilo is the result in the initial petition. If Florida is beta, we recall the step of incremental refinement partition. And he Allah result of incremental revenue, partition can be improved.

Our real of experiment are shown in this table. The relative tub addition shoal percentage of area overhead of all. Circuits are small in the average percentage of area over here is only 3.3. It means Larry distribution of each layer is uniform in the chip space. Utilization rate is efficient. Naming conclusion is talk. We propose an effective algorithm for 3d circuit additional gorilla.

Experimental data. Consistently shall our approach as Swift very cool result in post, the trip area. And the number of TSV in our tool is very efficient in runtime. This is our program we use C language to implement our algorithm. First input to files include a very large benchmark unless their information, the cell information file content, let's say, oh area and I/o port.

When finish this program we can get to output files contain laughter spreads, very local and no report in this file. We can spread the very log fire in 23 there and use the TSV to connect different layers. You in the report file.

It contains the cell number in their area in each layer and also can get a number of TSV and chip area in this fire at the end of. Introduction, I hope you liked our two wars. Thank you.

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