2004 Yamaha Yzf-R6 Red - Used Motorcycle For Sale - Eden Prairie, Mn

Welcome assembly street bikes, calm today. We've got a 2004, Yamaha, AZF, r6, we're going to take a walk around this Midway, it sports bike, and then we'll fire it up. So you can hear it run. This bike overall is pretty clean does show a little of wear some scuffs and some scratches here and there.

But as you can see, the seats are in great shape, no rips, no tears. It does have a tank protector on. If I do have a little scraping here on the rear tail section. And it also has a dance pool on it along with frame. Sliders, and you can see it has been over on this side, there's a little scraping on the faring here on the bar end and on the clutch lever, a flush mount blinkers on this bike along with a tinted Winston front end of this bike is in perfect shape, no rock chips, no cracks.

And as you can see it's, basically got a new front tire on it flush mount blinkers, again, frame, slider on this side. And it has been over here, too as you can see a little on the clutch lever and on the bar end and a.Little on the mid-fairing here there, and there tank does have one small little scratch chip in it on the side. And as you can see, this has got an AK replace on it. And the new back tire, the TAT gage does have a crack in the plastic as you can see it there. And this bike has eleven thousand seven hundred and thirty-two miles on it. But it fires right up and runs like a chainsaw. This sport bike will go through our 24 point.

Pre-Sale, inspection, we'll also, come with a 30 day, a thousand-mile limited. Warranty and as long as you own this bike from simply street bikes, you will get a discount on parts labor and accessories. Thank you for shopping simply street bikes, calm.

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